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Who is this Website for?

Two categories of people...

Learners and Seekers


  • Aspiring Professionals: For beginners with zero experience looking to build a foundational skill set in digital compositing and create a professional portfolio.


  • Creative Hobbyists: Ideal for those with some experience who are eager to explore deeper and expand their creative boundaries through advanced courses and tools.


  • Skill Enhancers: Perfect for digital artists seeking to add retouching and compositing skills to their repertoire, enhancing both personal projects and professional opportunities.

Artist and Creators


  • Professional Artists: Designed for established digital photography artists seeking high-quality assets to utilize in their projects, enhancing their work's aesthetic and technical quality.


  • Efficiency Seekers: For digital creators who aim to streamline their creative process, speed up their workflow, and achieve professional results more efficiently.


  • Innovators and Trendsetters: Aimed at forward-thinking artists who want to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging trendsetting resources and original content from Tara Lesher.

Why Learn Here?

Just a few reasons...

A Clear Path for Learning

Don‚Äôt just dream‚ÄĒdo. Our courses are built on practical skills, not just theoretical knowledge, that are highly sought after in digital Photography and Photoshop artistry.


Exceptional Value

Invest in yourself without hidden costs. Our membership model offers unlimited access to all tutorials and resources, ensuring you get more value per dollar spent and clear, upfront pricing.

Personal Support

Never feel stuck or lost. If you encounter challenges with any course content, you have direct access to reach out and ask questions, ensuring you always have the support you need to succeed.


Build Your Portfolio

Every project you complete with us can be added to your professional portfolio. Enhances your appeal to potential clients or employers, helping you stand out in a competitive market.

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Exclusive Access to Expert Guidance
Get personalized tips and tricks that you can apply immediately to your projects.

Tara Lesher crafts and curates every tutorial and asset in our library, ensuring that members receive not just tools but visionary resources that set trends in the digital art world.

600+ Courses to Stream 


  • Sharpen your skills and finesse your photos with¬†step-by-step editing techniques.

2,500+ Downloads


  • Unique and Time-saving premade-themed¬†Photoshop¬†Collections.

A Full Spectrum of Learning



Dive into the world of photography and Photoshop with no prior experience required.

Start your journey by mastering the basics with courses that cover essential tools, image editing fundamentals, color theory, layering, and more.

Our beginner modules are designed to build confidence and set a strong foundation for your artistic expression.                           


As you enhance your skills, explore more complex concepts and techniques in digital photography and Photoshop.

Learn about advanced editing tools, blending modes, photo manipulation, and creating compelling composites.

These courses go beyond basic software functions and include critical artistic and technical aspects that every budding photographer should know.


For those ready to push their skills to new heights, our advanced courses offer deep dives into sophisticated techniques and concepts.

Tackle intricate Photoshop challenges, master high-end retouching, explore dynamic lighting effects, and learn to create professional-grade visual narratives.

With these skills, you can produce stunning, gallery-quality work that captivates viewers.


One more thing...

 At Tara Lesher Education, every member enjoys the same expertly designed courses. Elevate your experience with the All-Access membership Tiers, including all course assets plus our collection of Photoshop tools and resources. 


Hi, I'm Tara!


Welcome to our creative community, where photography and Photoshop blend seamlessly to open up a world of artistic possibilities.


As your guide, I am thrilled to share techniques and insights from 20 years of combined experience in education and digital artistry. I have seen members who had never opened Photoshop before become incredible artists in their own right, and I want the same for you.


Together, we'll embark on a journey to enhance your skills, whether you capture life's moments or create surreal masterpieces. Join me, and let's turn your visions into reality!


I can't wait to see what you create! 

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