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📚Here at Tara Lesher Education, everyone has their own library with Purchased Products, Premium Membership, or FREE Editing Resources. 

Simply click the STREAMDOWNLOAD button and you will be taken to the page where you can enter your name and email. Once you have signed up, ⭐⭐⭐ IMPORTANT: You will be sent 2 emails; One notifies you that you have been granted access and one has a unique password and login link to your library as well as instructions to update the password to whatever you wish.

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NOTICE: All Free Streaming &  Downloads offered, including images, are protected under copyright laws © 2020 TLE LLC. 

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Free Streaming Tutorials


Downloadable Editing Resouces

👉 Stream and Download HERE 👈

Free Streaming access to  "Bathtime Mermaid" + Background download

Compositing Tutorial

Free Streaming access to

O' Night Divine

Painterly Hand Edit- Silent Tutorial

Returns to the vault 2-30-2021

Free Streaming access to

"Make Believe"

Compositing Tutorial

Luxe Lash Set 

Bonus tutorial below on how to install and use your new lash download.
Please note this is a free download of 2 sets of Lash Overlays Only.

Winter Forest

Get access to free Enchanted Winter Collection JPG Download with 6 easy to follow tutorials for image editing with backgrounds.

Free Color Brush Actions

Get access to free color brush actions for Photoshop with an easy to follow video tutorial. © 2020 TLE LLC

Free Frequency Separation Action


Resizing/ Sharpening Photoshop Action

Get access to these free Photoshop actions to retouch skin flawlessly. © 2020 TLE LLC

Free Black & White Action

Give your photos a more serious undertone with these Noire style actions. © 2020 TLE LLC

Free Pricing Template

Get access to this free tutorial about customizing your own pricing template. © 2020 TLE LLC