The Make-Up Bag & Silky Photoshop Action Collection

Included in this collection: 

  • TL Beauty Bag
    1. Beauty Base
    2. Silky Frequency Separation
    3. Highlight and Contour
    4. Highlight Shimmer
    5. Eye Sharpening
    6. Eye Whitening
    7. Vibrant Eyes
    8. Catchlights
    9. Eyelashes
    10. Bright Eyes
    11. Eyebrow Define
    12. Cheeks {Flushed}
    13. Cheeks {Rosy}
    14. Cheeks {Blushing}
    15. Lips {Pucker}
    16. Lips {Pout}
    17. Lips {Smooch}
    18. Glossy Lips
    19. Teeth Whiten
    20. Freckle Pop
  • TL Silky Soft Skin Actions
    1. Silky Soft Color Base
    2. Silky Soft Frequency Separation
    3. Silky Soft Skin
    4. Silky Soft Skin Brightening
    5. Silky Soft Hair
    6. Silky Soft Background
    7. Silky Soft Warm Light
    8. Silky Soft Cool Light
    9. Silky Soft Vibrancy
    10. Silky Soft Contrast
    11. Sharpening Detail Brush
    12. Layer Flattening

(For PS CS6 and up. MUST have Adobe Camera Raw)


🔘 $49 USD

one time payment, yours to keep forever. © 2020 TLE LLC

Apply a Make-Up and Silky look the easy way.

 This is the best-kept secret by those who want to achieve the "Make-Up and Silky" look. They are specifically designed to add an extra flair to your nearly finalized composites.

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