The Cozy Christmas Background Photoshop Collection

10 High-Quality Backgrounds

4 JPG Files &  6 PSD Files

10 Christmas Themed ABR file Brushes

3 reindeer, 3 snowflakes, 2 Moons, 2 stars/sparkle

10 Christmas Themed Overlays 

5 Floating Snow jpg Overlays

5 Frosted Glass png Overlays

20 String/Glow Lights png

5 Reindeer/Santa Silhouettes

7 Bonus Tutorials to get you editing even faster!


🔘 $74 USD

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10 High-Resolution Backgrounds

All the images included within this collection hold incredible detail and are the perfect base for all of the goodies included! This means you won't have any trouble creating large prints to share and keep!


10 Holiday Overlays

These easy-to-use overlays will give your images that cozy artistic touch. Perfect for year-round editing.

20 Holiday Brushes

Transformative themed brushes to enhance and decorate your holiday images.