The Winter Wonderland Workflow Photoshop Action Collection

This is a powerful all in one action collection perfect for all  your winter edits.

One ultimate winter workflow action with 13 adjustable layers to customize your own winter wonderland look.

+ 5 brand new falling snow overlays to use year after year.

Bonus tutorial that shows install and use



🔘 $75 USD

one time payment, yours to keep forever. © 2020 TLE LLC


The first layer is a snow/frost brush that will desaturate and brighten your scenery for the first step in your winter look.

You will find 2 layers for cool winter toning and color grading your image. Your action also includes a winter haze and winter vignette adjustable layer for globally adjusting your image.

The frost and snow gradients in your action help to emphasize the bright and hazy look typical of winter photographs. A cool mist light and 2 pastel toning layers will finish off your images for a perfect winter weather look.

Each layer in this workflow actions functions independently and allows for 100% customization to your individual editing style and taste.

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Tara Lesher