The Headless Doll Tutorial

Hey guys,

Today we'll be going through a pretty creepy tutorial in honor of Halloween being right around the corner. In this tutorial, we'll be creating our very own headless doll! Since this tutorial is more advanced, I will be moving a bit faster. If you're a beginner, you might want to warm up with some of our easy to intermediate tutorials before diving into this one. 

We will use stock images for the neckpiece and wig, clicking the quick selection tool to select the head and hands for a new layer. Then we use the clone pattern tool to brush the head and hair out of the image to make it disappear before repeating with our subject's upper body and hands.

Now things are starting to become spooky. We can bring out our upper mannequin half and blend it up; it should look nice and smooth and color the doll's skin grayish and pale. I go into more detail about giving our mannequin a more ghostly look in my full tutorial available through my premium membership.

Next, We pull up the wig stock and use it to give her a more stylish yet scary head of hair. Once we drag our photo, we resize and warp the wig to look real and natural. I chose to give the hair a purple yet brunette glow, but I encourage you to have fun and play with the brush colors until you find something you like!

At this point, you guys should just be missing only the minor details to complete your creepy ghoul. So we're going to go ahead and mask the fingers holding the head so that they don't look too out of place. This part can get a little tricky, so if you'd like to access the full video tutorial, it's available through my premium membership.

I also went ahead and added a shadow/blur effect to my head to make it look natural and creepy. Once we play with this effect and find the perfect hair and shadow effect, we're almost ready to show off our scary creation!

To wrap things up, we're going to warm up the rest of our image and background to make her pale color POP! Then, finally, we're going to need to play around with the hue settings so that the environment has a dark bluish tone to it, creating that haunted look our image needs.

To make sure her eyes stand out from her dark eyelashes, we're going to make her eyes nice and bright. That way, she has a haunting little girl cuteness to her, but she's a bit scary!

That it! We've made our headless doll, and she is terrifying! If you'd like to follow along as see precisely how I go through the whole process, step-by-step, you can access the full video tutorial available through my premium membership.

If you are a beginner and wonder if the premium membership is suitable for you, I invite you to view the Cracked Doll tutorial inspired by this tutorial. It is a lot of fun, free, and designed for easy to intermediate users. 

Found here in the Free Limited Membership.

Happy Editing!

Tara xo