Creating a Real Life Belle Beauty
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Creating a Real Life Belle Beauty

Hey everyone!

I used several different cameras for this shoot since I had the subject doing several twirls and running around.

Since my original image was asymmetrical, I used the crop tool to straighten the image. This is because I have a bad habit of shooting a bit crooked. Usually, I have to straighten my images a little more often than I would like to!

There is a workflow action that I have created that will help you with this edit and make things much easier; you can find it here.

It was a frigid day out, and you could tell there was some blotchiness and goosebumps on the girl's skin. I used my saved actions along with some further edits to focus on perfecting the skin and making it even.

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This edit was all about adjustments. I saved a lot of time making the essential edits with my workflow actions.

I used dodge and burn to add contrast and go over the shadow areas. I primarily focused on the eyes of the subject to bring out the inner corner of her eyes. I played around with the exposure and saturation throughout the tutorial to achieve the illustration look.

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For the result, I blurred and darkened the background to make the subject the main focus and appear brighter.  

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Happy Editing!

Tara Lesher

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