Best editing tip I've ever heard


You've probably figured out that I love editing, and Photoshop is a big part of my life. I know most of my readers do also. But unfortunately, we all spend too much time doing it when we should be spending more time building our business.

I think it's safe to say there are a lot of photographers out there who wish they could develop a consistent style and cut down on their time behind the computer. If this isn't you, then I understand. Feel free to skip this post and get back to your day. If this is you, though, sit tight. 

Photographers always ask me what advice I have for them to either get started with Photoshop or how to become better. I honestly believe it comes down to this: Sit down and edit. Practice.

It isn't more complicated or mystical than that. It is an art, but it's a craft that anyone can practice if they're willing to learn.

You may disagree, but this is my experience as a coach and educator. I want to focus on what motivates us to create beautiful pieces of work. Then, it's simply a matter of doing it with the right tools and way.

I've put together a tool that is a photographer's dream. This is a single action that you run at the beginning of your edit. It takes the guesswork out of Photoshop and includes a full demonstration. You can check it out here.  

I challenge you to follow along with the practice file and the action and then go back and apply the workflow to one of your past edits. You'll probably never open another file in Photoshop without running this single action.

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P.S. - Never stop exploring, and in case you don't have my free brush pack, You can download them here.

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