Birds And Brushes: What Do They Have In Common?

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Hey guys!

I’ve seen images similar to this several times before in different setups. I always wanted to do one myself. So I created my custom brushes in the full tutorial to make this a fantastic, whimsical image.

Some of the textures and overlays I used are from Florabella. They have cool textures and overlays you can use that I love. Before I started creating the brushes, I made sure to have the base of the hand edit done. If you haven’t seen any of the previous tutorials where I demonstrate how to make brushes, I will do a quick overview on this one. Are you interested in watching the full tutorial? You can access this one and dozens more by signing up for the premium membership!

You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to do the custom brushes for the birds. The only challenging part was selecting and defining the birds in more detail. When you watch the full tutorial, you’ll see how I overcame this minor obstacle. You can access the complete tutorial by signing up for the premium membership. Once the custom brushes were done, I placed the birds into the images. Using the method I showed, you can make anything into a brush as long as you have it cut out of whatever background. This is an excellent tool for logos or something similar.

After I had placed all the birds, I finished the image by making it black and white. I played around with the settings and added some matte. Since there wasn’t a ton of black in the image, I didn’t go too crazy with the matte setting. Creating the brushes made the edit so much easier to create.  

If you’re interested in watching the full tutorial, you can access it when you sign up for the premium membership. 

You’ll also get instant access to hundreds more and even some photography and photoshop basics.

Happy editing!

Tara Lesher

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