Dreamy Effect an Artistic Moody Hand Edit

Hello Fellow creators!

In this week's tutorial, Tara uses 3 edits to show us how to quickly master the dream-like photography style otherwise known as the Orton Effect Photoshop technique easily, even if you're a beginner!

This powerful editing tool will lend a dreamy glow to your portraits that can be the difference between a good photograph and an unforgettable one. 

Butterfly GardenFirst, copy your background layer with control or command J on your PC or Mac.

By clicking filter, blur, then Gaussian blur, we can achieve a stunning blur effect that doesn’t make the subject blurry.  Switching the blend mode to screen, allows just the soft background blur around your subject to have the heavenly glow.

The amount you are going to blur will depend on your image and your taste. Play with your radius to see the effect in your own edits!

Head in the bubble clouds

Sometimes soft light looks good as well, so experiment playing with the lighting you find best for your image. This is where we can take a learned technique and really make it our own.

It’s just a subtle softness but you can see the dimension the edit adds to the image by turning on and off the layers. To see exactly how Tara goes through this part of the process, you can watch the full tutorial available through the premium membership.

 Nighttime Explorer

Copy your background layer again and you can convert it to a smart object if you’d like, so if you go back and make adjustments to it, it’s non-destructive.

Using the curves adjustment layer we can bring our midpoint down to suit our style, however, depending on your image you may omit this edit if it makes your image too bright. 

Tara always repeats the commands as she edits which is super helpful in memorizing the short cuts to get us in the best post-editing habits for faster, consistent editing.

While this should be a skill we pick up and utilize quickly, following along with Tara's easy step by step video tutorial available through the (premium membership) definitely helps!


Kristin Mantta, 

Tara Lesher Education 


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