From Crosseyed to Butterflies
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From Crosseyed to Butterflies: How to turn an unique capture into an unforgettable image

What happens when the baby you are photographing notices her nose and crosses her eyes in the picture? If you are Britany Denoncour, you take the cross-eyed picture as the perfect opportunity to create a whimsical, one-of-a-kind image. Britney specializes in newborn and baby photography. She caused quite a sensation when she posted a creative composite image in our Compositing Facebook Group of baby Mariah checking out a butterfly sitting at the tip of her nose.  

Sometimes the most unlikely photos can make the best subjects for a composite image. With a bit of imagination, Britany was able to turn a silly and somewhat blooper photo into an unforgettable image that delights everyone who sees it.

Britany suggests swaddling babies before laying them down in a position to be photographed. To recreate Britany’s image, you can try placing a toy directly in front of the baby’s nose, slowly bringing it closer, and then pulling it away a few times to see if the baby crosses its eyes naturally. If you are having difficulty getting this shot, see what other ideas you can come up with from the photos you took. The key is to envision how you can transform a regular photo into a creative image using simple composite techniques.

Britany also had to get creative for the photo of little Mariah sleeping on a bed of flowers. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a lot of flowers on hand at her Alaska Photography & Design studio. Still, instead of letting herself be limited by her props, Britany added more flowers in the post using compositing techniques. The final product was a convincing bouquet of blossoms that Mariah’s mom deemed worthy of printing on a large scale.

About the featured artist, Britany Denoncour - 

Britany is located in Palmer, Alaska, specializing in newborn and baby photography. She's the mother of two boys, a member of the Planetary Society, and has interests in space exploration, our solar system, and the night sky. 


Learn how to create your unique composite photos with me as your guide. It’s easy and fun!  

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