Gone Fishing - A Compositing Tutorial

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Hello everyone,

I recently started recreating a couple of tutorials that I had previously done. It’s always great to see the progress of your work and compare the original to the more updated one. There were a lot of requests to recreate these tutorials from almost three years ago. I’m working with what I have now, but since I now know more about stock, I added higher quality stock than the one previously used.

Before starting any tutorials, I always show where I got the stock I used in the tutorials to make it easier for anyone to follow along. When you download stock, it's essential to read about the licensing for the stock. I didn’t have the original image of the model for this tutorial, but I had them cut out, which worked just fine.

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When you’re adding all the stock images together, not everything will be the same size and proportion to each other. So before adjusting any images, it’s best to turn them into a smart filter to keep the resolution. Making sure that the proportions are even in the composite makes the final image look more realistic.

Once I had all the stock images placed together, I started editing the images' colors to give a darker and grungy look. Also, if you have choppy water, you can get a water brush or overlays to create the look of splashes.

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The final edit I made was to add the rain. I added an overlay, but you can also use a brush to add the rain. Remember that screen blend mode is the best for rain or snow overlays.

I can’t wait to see your edits and how you make this composite your own. I have even included the cutout for you to try out yourself.

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Happy Editing!

Tara Lesher

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