Hello, Dracula!

Hello everyone,

Today, I’m going to be walking you through the creation of this spooky Dracula composite. We’re going to be starting with our stock, and for this tutorial, we will be using a ton of it! In my full video tutorial, available through my premium membership, I’ll walk you through where I get all my stock and the pros and cons of each site.

Using curves layers, I’m going to brush in some catchlights and contrast onto our subject. We’re going to grab a curves layer with some red, brushing it onto our eyes to give him a pair of red eyes. Next, we will add in some detail with a darker curves layer, finishing it off with a grouping with our other eyes layers.

We’re then going to use a masked color fill layer to make our vampire paler! Then, doing the same thing with a greyish-blue tone, we’re going to brush under his eyes, then we’ll do the same with a red color fill layer for his lips. You can follow along in my full tutorial available through my premium membership.

We’re going to apply the Gaussian blur to give him a smoother look. Then, moving on to his hair, we’re going to use solid fill colors to recolor his usually blonde head! Then with the liquify tool, we’re going to make him a slight widow’s peak.

Going on, we’re going to use color fill layers to paint our vampire some fangs. It takes a few layers to give them the depth we want, but once we’re done, we’re going to zoom out and make sure they look perfect before we start compositing. This was just the first section of a 4 part tutorial! You can watch all four video tutorials today by signing up for my premium membership, now 25% OFF for October.