Lost in the Music: A Moody and Vintage Composite
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Lost in the Music: A Moody and Vintage Composite

Hey everyone!


For this composite, I wanted to create a vintage and moody image.

Before starting the tutorial, I had my stock images picked out for the composite. I picked out a kitchen for the background, a window sill, and raindrops. AdobeStock is great for stock images, it gives you tons of images to choose from. This is where I got my stock images from for this composite.

Since I wanted the image to look moody, I started the tutorial by playing around with the highlights and curves to alter the colors and darkness in the image. If you would like to see the full tutorial, you can watch the tutorial by becoming a premium member.


I did do some beauty edits on the model. I wanted this image to be a painterly image so I made some edits to give that effect. The process did seem a bit slow because of my PC. I’ve been meaning to get a new one but I’m not a big fan of change so I’ve been holding on to this one.

If you’re interested in seeing the full tutorial, sign up for the premium membership to access this one and dozens more.


This composite is a little more out there than my other images. To some people, they might not understand why I made this composite. I was extremely inspired by music and this image came from an Alicia Keys music video, you might be familiar with it. The whole video has a retro feel like this composite. There was a scene from the video of her sitting at the kitchen table with a little radio like the one in the image and she was lost in the music. This two-second scene in the video moved me so much that I wanted to make my own version.

After finalizing, the beauty edits I started placing the stock images. Always keep in mind the dimensions to make the composite look realistic.

The final adjustments I made were mostly to set the moody feel of the composite. I changed the colors to darken it a little more.


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Happy Editing!


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