Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Compositing Tutorial
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Not all who wander are lost

Hey friends,

I love how this composite came out!

This is an example of one of those composites that I created from what I already had. I didn’t have this planned when I shot this image. I figured the hot air balloon image would be perfect because it would look a lot better if the subject looked smaller in the frame. The hand gesture she made herself entirely seemed as if there should be a butterfly sitting on her hand. Become a premium member today to watch the full tutorial.

For the stock images, the labyrinth came from Adobe Stock, the butterfly hot air balloon came from Depositphotos, and the extra butterflies came from PixelSquid.

Cutting out the butterfly hot air balloon did take some time and was probably the most tedious part of the tutorial. When you have a lot of busy patterns, you have to pay attention to all the little details; you don’t want to end up with chunks missing from your image. If you're going to see the full tutorial, sign up for my premium membership.

This tutorial involved cutting and masking to make sure all the images blended. Then, while placing the hot air balloon and the subject into the labyrinth, I played around with scaling and sizing to have the dimensions look realistic.

The butterflies I added were mainly for detail. Thanks to PixelSquid, I could move around the butterflies and have them at the angle I wanted.

To finish the stock placement, I added some extra hot air balloons around the subject in the background. I also added a gradual blur to the background of the labyrinth.

I made some final global and individual adjustments to the composite. I mainly adjusted some of the contrast and colors.


If you’re interested in creating your own beautiful hot air balloon composite, sign up for the premium membership, where you’ll have access to this tutorial and many more!

Happy Editing!

Tara Lesher


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