Fly to Neverland with this Peter Pan Composite

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Hey everyone!

This Peter Pan Tutorial was fun, even though it was very meticulous, but it’s worth it!


When creating composites, it’s always best to start with the work that will take the longest and is most detailed, so the rest comes easier. So I started with stock placement. What took me the most time in creating this composite was cutting out the room's background so that you could see through the windows. I wanted to make it a nighttime scene, and the other provided with the stock was daytime and had a tree covering most of it.

The tutorial shows precisely what technique I used to edit out the background. Sign up for the premium membership to access the full tutorial!


Once the windows were edited, I started doing some stock placement in the image before adding my model. The little details in the composite are what make the image stand out. For example, by placing a teddy bear and candle into the composite, it looked like a photograph and not just pictures put together.


When I photographed the model, she was facing the opposite way, but I could flip the image so she could face the way I wanted her. Once I had the model placed, I adjusted the stock images to make everything proportional.  

To make the image look more put together, I made some individual stock adjustments to what I had already placed. 

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Adding Peter Pan to the composite was one of the easiest things since he was just a shadow. When adding him to the image, I made sure he was on the moon so he could be visible and scale it proportionally.


The final edits were to add the fog overlay and adjust the colors on the image. Finally, I added my Painted Actions to give the image a more illustrated look. 

If you want to see the full tutorial, sign up for the premium membership. 

Happy Editing!

Tara Lesher

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