Polar Coordinates Filter, a whole new way to see your images!

disort filter marquee tool photoshop polar coordinates spot healing tool Apr 16, 2022

Hello, fellow creators!

In this week's live streaming tutorial, Tara demonstrates how to utilize any landscape, location shoots, or textures to custom design a unique warped cylinder effect using the polar coordinates filter.

Up in the Clouds

First, we choose a fluffy cloud shot and click Command or Control J to make a copy of the background layer. Then click >Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates, making sure you choose >Rectangular to Polar option.

This simple step swirls a standard cloud into a swirling vortex!

Use the spot healing tool or the clone pattern stamp tool to eliminate the line that this filter effect creates.

Building composites with your landscape and nature shots is a personalized touch to add to your photography edits.


City Twilight

In the second example, we learn multiple techniques with one image. By flipping the image upside down, you create two entirely different styles of imagery. 

To achieve the last example, make a copy of the background layer, click Control or Command T to grab the image> Right Click> Flip Vertical>click the checkmark.   Followed by >Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates, again making sure you choose >Rectangular to Polar option.

Creative tip: you may choose to leave the line that appears in your image with the polar coordinates distortion depending on your visual preferences and editing needs. 


Storybook Fantasy

Use the marquee tool to copy portions of your image to make an expertly crafted mirrored and symmetrical whirl.

Control or Command J to copy the cropped portion> Control or Command T to grab the image> Flip Horizontal and drag to place. You can play around from here by choosing to leave it for a symmetrical aesthetic or apply a mask layer and invert it to brush away the parts you want to eliminate.

Flat to Sphere

Finally, Tara creates a sparkly sphere from a flat image. Here is an excellent example where stock is not always needed but instead created from pieces you made or owned.

Following the same steps from both examples, you can choose to use the spot healing tool or the marquee tool to blur or eliminate any harsh lines.

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