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Shoot! I shot in JPEG.

americana beach blue camera raw curves dodge and burn eyedropper tool gradients hand edit jpeg pets photoshop photoshop tutorial postcard pug puppet warp tool red summer vintage white Jun 24, 2020

Hello fellow creators!

Nothing says summer like bathing suits, and beaches, right?

In this week's live streaming tutorial, "Summer Buddies" found in the Artistic Hand edits category Tara shows us how to achieve the perfect Americana vintage postcard feel using an original JPEG image. 

Even Tara admits at least once a year accidentally shoots in jpeg while she meant to shoot in-camera raw.  I was glad to know my noisy jpeg images still had hope!

Oops, I did it again

Starting in-camera raw we bring up the shadows and bring down the highlights due to the cool tones of the original image. To counteract that, Under the luminance of the HSL greyscale, bring the oranges up just a bit to give it the warmness it needs to feel vintage.

NOTE: Remember all of the adjustments are going to be more extreme if you are working with a jpeg image.  Just make adjustments according to your own edit.

Toes in the sand

By opening up curves to bring up the reds and drop the blues we can now warm up the sand using a soft white brush at 100%.

Helpful tip: Focusing around the subject, be careful to avoid haloing, which is the soft white line of a tad brighter white around the subject. 

 To get the best blending of your subject and the sand, Tara shows us how to lower the opacity while adjusting the color balance to gently brush around the subject.

Creative tip: this is where you will practice with your own subject and coloring according to your taste and background. Just have fun seeing how you can get your subject to pop and the colors to balance!

Ready for our closeup

The thing that always draws me into vintage images are the breathtaking bright eyes portrayed. Tara shows us easily by using a combination of a curves layer and the eyedropper tool on how to carefully execute the technique.

To achieve sunkissed skin, choose a tone for your subjects' lips with a solid color layer set to soft light. Brush on vintage-inspired corals with your brush at 100% for lips and 50% for the nose and cheeks.

Grab the family pet

Have you been meaning to take some updated images of our family's pets? Here is the perfect opportunity to include them. Once you have your image or an old favorite use the quick selection tool and grab the entire subject and copy it into your beach image. 

After editing to the appropriate ratio you can lower your opacity so you can see through the animal and adjust the sand around there paws following natural lines on the beach.

Animal blending tip: Use the smudge tool for any fur so the animal doesn’t look quite so cut out. 

Once more, to achieve an almost timeless poster vibe, we want to build a clean base on the animal to bring in the needed coloring to match perfectly to your own subject. Tara shows us her full techniques on using curves adjustments, brightness, and contrast, and a soft white brush for a bit of shadowing in the full tutorial.


Do you love matching apparel as much as me?

Here we learn how to make a copy also warp and shadow to fit the models bathing suit for our family pet.

Control J (copy) within the background layer for each piece of the garments.  

In addition to lowering the opacity within the pieces, warming filters and shadowing are needed for a truly natural-looking wrap of the garments as well as the animals' body shape to get a tailored fit.

Editing tip: Puppet warp can be your best friend when doing composites! 

It is the slight adjustments here that make such a big difference in your final image, so be patient in learning to adjust your pieces.  Zooming out to review the movements helps ensure you are creating the big picture image you envisioned.

 Luscious lashes

At the time this tutorial had been recorded the link mentioned is no longer of service. 😢

So what does an awesome mentor do? Whips out a 2 free Jpeg pair now included with the premium membership tutorial

Through resizing and multiplying the eyelashes you can achieve wide-eyed soul capturing eyes to be a focal point of the vintage-inspired image. 

Global Adjustments

Helpful tip: Make sure you save your layers!

After we first flatten the image, we can then move on to do a little Dodge & Burn.

In curves,  bring the midpoint down and invert it for our burn, and the dodge is the opposite. Using a soft brush and dodge at 100% allows us to bring out some highlights around the large areas of the body.

Almost like creating 3D, concentrate on the t-zone and brow bones in your subjects face, curves of the arm, and collarbones to play with the brightness and opacity of the face and skin. 

To finish off the days of past feel, Tara shows us the importance of gradients, vibrance, and saturation layers used to achieve the clarity to really make our subject and beloved family pet pop out of the image.

I hope you will be inspired to dust off the jpegs you may have deemed lesser than (lol) and give them a second try.  I must add tara's repetitive nature of stating the shortcuts has vastly improved my time editing and I think if you are a newbie like me,  you will find it helpful too.

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Creatively Yours,

Kristin Mantta

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