The Fairest Edit of Them All: A Snow White Hand Edit
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The Fairest Edit of Them All: A Snow White Hand Edit

Hey guys!

This image was taken at my compositing workshop in November 2018

For this image, I shot with a Nikon D750 and a 200mm F/2. I shot at an aperture at two, which contributed to the blurry background that I was aiming for. It was very close to sunset when I shot this, so the sun had gone down quite slightly. There is still a bit of backlight, and I will emphasize it during the tutorial.

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This was not a simple, clean edit. I wanted to go dramatic with the edit and have fun with it. I wanted the final image to have a painterly look but be very dynamic. I will be bringing in tons of color, warmth, and light.

It was a bit tough shooting because ten photographers were shooting simultaneously, so I did not get the exact angle I wanted. So I made some edits to make the image look more symmetrical.

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I did some skin edits to create a more even skin tone on the model. Also, since the model already had makeup on, I added a little more color to her cheeks and lips.

I finished the hand edit by doing some global edits. First, the warner colors were added to make the model stand out more. Next, I added a light leak to the background to create some brightness. The final edit I made was to add a matte to give a darker look to the final image.

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Happy Editing!

Tara Lesher

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