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How To: Submerge a Room in Water

photoshop basics Mar 04, 2020

Hey everyone,

I recently did a tutorial on how I flood a room or submerge it in water using photoshop. You can view the full tutorial by signing up for the premium membership.

This can be a really cool effect if you want to add people floating around, objects or if you’re just looking to add water to fishbowl or a vase. The same techniques would be applied to any of these.

I got my image from Adobe Stock, I thought it would be a cool image to submerge in water. Even though this image was amazing, there are a few things in the image that makes me not want to use it for a real composite only because there does appear to be a door with light coming in on the side and two open doors in the background. If we’re being realistic, I wouldn't choose a room that had open doorways or windows.

In my tutorial, I showed three different ways to submerge a room in the water. Sign up for my premium membership to watch the full tutorial.

For the first technique, I flooded a portion of the room. I mainly focused on creating the surface of the water. This is what gives the illusion of the flood. In the tutorial, I demonstrated two different ways to add the surface to give you some options. For the part of the image that is underwater, I added a distortion effect to make it look a little bit more like it’s underwater.

If you would like to make the whole room be underwater, you can add an overlay to the image. I showed this as the second technique. This technique is probably the one I would do in real life. I added a mask to the overlay and brushed some it off to lower the opacity. To make it look a little more natural, I warped the image. You can make your own adjustments to your preference.

The last technique, I added the flood plug-in for photoshop. It won’t give the same effect as a submerged room because you won’t be able to see through it. In my full tutorial, I gave the exact settings I used to create the image.

When applying any of the techniques, you want to add any adjustments you prefer. It is pretty simple!

Sign up for my premium membership to watch the step-by-step tutorial.


Happy Editing!

Tara Lesher


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