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Sweet Rapunzel: Complete Compositing Tutorial

compositing tutorial Jun 28, 2018

Hey Everyone!


For this tutorial, I wanted to take this gloomy, low light image and turn it into one of my mystical composites.

This transformation will require many stock images and in-depth editing as I really want the model to look like a princess in a magical setting.

I always want the model to be the center of attention, that means we may have to alter all the stock images imported to make the model appear bigger. By making these alterations, some stock pieces might look a little off. But, you can use the masking tool to hide all of these pieces, resulting in a nice blend.

Giving a composite depth is what will make your composite stand out. If you just import stock images and paste them, there will be little to no perspective and depth of field. Lucky for us, Photoshop offers various tools to give make the composite look realistic, as if you are actually there! Find out how to use these tools by signing up to my premium membership to view the full video.

I really wanted to give the castle life, so I attached various pieces of flower and vine stock to the composite. Resizing and the layers tool will be your best friend when making all the stock fit nicely together. It will take time, but since this is where the model will be placed, it is fine to take time and see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Making adjustments to your stock pieces changes the lighting of a composite as a whole. You can add shadows and highlights to each individual stock piece and see what blends better. This will prevent your composite from looking like a sticker book!

This composite is fantasy themed so I wanted to edit the model’s skin to appear translucent and make her stand out. Find out how I made her fit perfectly in this composite by watching the full tutorial. Sign up for my premium membership to get instant access.

Now that we have all stock in the composite we can do final detailing on the model. Adding rapunzel hair will be the final touch before our global adjustments. REMEMBER: Label your layers and save them! This will save you so much time when going back and making adjustments.

If you want to change the overall lighting of the composite then you can play around with tools such as vignetting and clarity. For this composite, I really wanted to make the corners darker and emphasize on the lighting of the lanterns directed at the model, which results in a beautiful fantasy themed composite.

This tutorial is an excellent lesson if you always wanted to know the step-by-step process I use to take regular photography and turn it into a beautiful and memorable composite.

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