Tara Lesher New Release: Introducing the Film Actions Pack!
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TLE Photoshop Film Finishing Actions Collection!

This month I'm excited to be releasing my Film Finishing Actions Collection: an action pack designed to make your photos appear sharper and more vibrant to create a high-fashion look.

I've been working hard preparing these actions for you, and today I wanted to highlight some of the features and looks you can achieve with them. 

First, I'd like to share what comes with the actions. The Film Action pack includes: 

  • 5 Film Actions for Global Edit 
  • 2 Film Grains 
  • 5 Light Leak Actions
  • Sharpening and Resize Action 

The collection will allow you to create several different looks depending on the action you select:

-Film Action 1 - This action will give your image a bright and airy film look. It achieves this look by desaturating greens and yellow.   

-Film Action 2 - Use Film Action 2 to get a darker and more contrasted look. 

-Film Action 3 - If you want to warm up your image and add more contrast, you can use Film Action 3. 

-Film Action 4 - Give your images a vintage vibe or retro look with Film Action 4. 

-Film Action 5 - Film Action 5 adds a soft matte to your images and desaturates them for a more delicate look. 

You can use more than one action at a time and combine them to get the exact look you want. I also designed these actions to be customizable so you can adjust the settings and tweak the effects to your liking. 

You can choose from the available film grains and light leaks for different tones and effects. I even included my sharpening actions in the pack if you don't have them because they are an excellent tool. 

I made these actions because I wanted an easy way to give my images either a lighter, softer look, a bolder, warmer appearance, or add a unique vintage appeal, and I'm happy and proud of how they turned out.

I can't wait for you to get the chance to test out these film actions on your images. The best part is they're easy to use, quick to install and come with a simple tutorial.

Get the Film Actions Collection today to glam up your images, and let me know what you think! 

Compatible with Photoshop CS5, CS6, and CC. 

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