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The COOL Boy - Clean And Colorful Gradient Tutorial

photoshop basics Mar 25, 2020

Hey Everyone,

For this tutorial, I wanted to make this cool little boy stand out even more by brightening this image. I did this by just making some basic adjustments and mainly using gradients for color toning.

The curves layer is a neat tool to make quick adjustments to any of your images. In this image, I used it to fix the bottom of the model’s pants, to make them an even tone. Also, I used it to change the color of his lips. You can find out how I modified this image exactly by signing up for my premium membership and getting access to the full video.

Cleaning up the image not only means making adjustments to the model, but making sure that any background distraction is removed. As I said previously, I really wanted to make this beautiful little boy the center of attention by getting rid of unnecessary items. You can use the spot healing tool to make these changes. Whether you are a beginner or pro, this is an excellent tool to alter your images to the way you've always pictured them.

In order to avoid a flat image, we have to make some of the model’s facial and body features. When the model is taking up the majority of the space, it is very easy for a photographer to highlight too much and make the image look unnatural. I just wanted to keep this image plain and simple. By dodging and burning certain areas, such as the model’s skin, hair, and clothes, we can naturally enhance these features. If you want to see how I achieved this, then watch the full video by signing up for my premium membership

Now that the model is clean and brighten up, we can add a touch of color to the image. By adding gradients to your image, you can play with different colors and change the tone of the background drastically. This will guarantee that your model will pop out and look brighter than ever! 

I hope you loved this quick and simple tutorial. I didn't want to make this image look like a painting, but instead, it appears as natural as possible.

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 Happy Editing!

Tara Lesher


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