The mermaid look, adding flowing hair tutorial
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The mermaid look, adding flowing hair tutorial

Hey Everyone!

For this image, I wanted to highlight the mermaid look of the model by giving her thicker and more voluminous hair.



When modifying model features, like hair, it is essential to ensure that the editing looks natural and realistic. For example, in this tutorial, I didn’t want the additional hair to look like an unfitting block pasted on top of the model’s natural hair; I wanted it to blend nicely. 



I used the Mask and Warp tool on the imported stock pieces. I played with the tools until the additional hair perfectly fit the model’s head shape. If you want to see exactly how I made this natural blend, you can sign up for the premium membership to view the full tutorial.



Finding the perfect color for the imported stock hair is key to making the composite look great. I worked with the lighting and started to play with the highlights/curves tool to make the model’s new hair blend well with her natural hair. You can make magic happen by making minor tweaks to the reds, greens, and blues on the curves layers! 



This tutorial was enjoyable and straightforward. Adding hair is an excellent tool for professional edits and valuable if you start! 


If you want to recreate this tutorial, sign up for the premium membership for this one and over 500 more!

Happy Editing!

Tara Lesher xo



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