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Back to School, Let's Hit The Books Edit

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2018

In this edit, we get to work on one of my favorite back to School images of my daughter from a few years back. But what I didn’t realize was that I cut off the bottom portion of our image, but luckily we have another image we can “borrow” this section from.

Before we do anything else, we’re going to touch up our image in camera RAW, increasing our shadows and our exposure just a bit. From there, we’re going to sharpen our image before going into our HSL grayscale to increase our oranges under Luminance, and decrease them in our Saturation section.      

We’re going to bring up our shadows in our other image as well so that our bottom looks similar when we insert it. We’re then going to grab the piece we want using the marquee tool and overlay it on top of our main image.   

It takes time and some tinkering to match up the two images as best as possible. I recommend looking at the full video tutorial...

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Not Just A Pretty Purple Dress - Composition Overload

photoshop basics Aug 06, 2018

Hey guys, for this tutorial we’re going to be making some major changes to the composition of this image from my last Creative Composting Workshop.

I like to start off my edits by bringing up the shadows before warming up the whole image using the temperature bar. I’m then going to go into the HSL grayscale tab and alter the skin tone.

After I have my tones where I want them, I’m going to adjust my image until it’s at an angle I like, before going and using the fill tool to make a natural looking extension of my image. You can find out exactly how I made this edit by signing up for my premium membership and getting access to the full video.

I want my dress to look more balanced, so I duplicate the left half of the dress and take my time to adjust it to my preference. It’s something you’ll have to play around with to make sure it looks natural. Masking the layer and using the brush tool at a lower opacity makes it a much smoother...

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The Perfect Sunset Silhouette - Silhouette Composite

compositing tutorial Jul 31, 2018

Hey Everyone!

In this tutorial, I wanted to create a simple silhouette landscape with a fun and vibrant backdrop. Most of our stock will already be cut out for us, making this not only super fun but super easy to make! You can make so many different kinds of silhouettes, just by using your imagination!

I’ll walk you through the selection of our images and inputting them in Photoshop in my full tutorial with my premium membership.

I wanted to give my house a nice warm light, so I created a color fill layer and placed it behind my house layer before making it into a silhouette again. I actually ran into a little trouble when trying to mask it and have it show through! It just goes to show, no matter how much you know, you can still run into problems. If you want to see how I solved this quick setback, then watch the full video by signing up for my premium membership

I started laying out all the stock here, making sure everything looked just right before...

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A Beach Escape: Skin & Background Re-tone

photoshop basics Jul 11, 2018

Hey Everyone!

In this tutorial, I wanted to take this image of this beautiful little girl and brighten it up! I’m not a big fan of pictures with much contrast, instead, I love giving my images color.

So after making some general adjustments, I wanted to work on the model’s skin. I dodged and blurred parts of the model’s skin to lighten her up a bit. Make sure to be extremely careful when enhancing these features, you want to avoid areas such as the eyes, the lips, and the hair. If you would like to see exactly how I made the edits, you can sign up for the premium membership to view the full tutorial.

Now, I wanted to add color to the model’s face. To do this, we invert colors and play with the blending. This allows for the enhancements to look natural instead of having too much color concentrated in one specific area. We want to avoid the model to look like she was just pasted on.

I didn’t want to enhance the setting much. I wanted to keep it as...

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The COOL Boy - Clean And Colorful Gradient Tutorial

photoshop basics Jul 04, 2018

Hey Everyone,

For this tutorial, I wanted to make this cool little boy stand out even more by brightening this image. I did this by just making some basic adjustments and mainly using gradients for color toning.

The curves layer is a neat tool to make quick adjustments to any of your images. In this image, I used it to fix the bottom of the model’s pants, to make them an even tone. Also, I used it to change the color of his lips. You can find out how I modified this image exactly by signing up for my premium membership and getting access to the full video.

Cleaning up the image not only means making adjustments to the model, but making sure that any background distraction is removed. As I said previously, I really wanted to make this beautiful little boy the center of attention by getting rid of unnecessary items. You can use the spot healing tool to make these changes. Whether you are a beginner or pro, this is an excellent tool to alter your images to the way you've always...

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Sweet Rapunzel: Complete Compositing Tutorial

compositing tutorial Jun 28, 2018

Hey Everyone!


For this tutorial, I wanted to take this gloomy, low light image and turn it into one of my mystical composites.

This transformation will require many stock images and in-depth editing as I really want the model to look like a princess in a magical setting.

I always want the model to be the center of attention, that means we may have to alter all the stock images imported to make the model appear bigger. By making these alterations, some stock pieces might look a little off. But, you can use the masking tool to hide all of these pieces, resulting in a nice blend.

Giving a composite depth is what will make your composite stand out. If you just import stock images and paste them, there will be little to no perspective and depth of field. Lucky for us, Photoshop offers various tools to give make the composite look realistic, as if you are actually there! Find out how to use these tools by signing up to my premium membership to view the full video.

I really wanted...

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The Mermaid Look - Adding Hair Tutorial

compositing tutorial Jun 28, 2018

Hey Everyone!

For this image, I really wanted to highlight mermaid look of the model by giving her thicker and more voluminous hair.

Whenever modifying model features, like hair, it is very important to make sure that the editing looks natural and realistic. In this tutorial, I didn’t want the additional hair to look like an unfitting block pasted on top of the model’s natural hair, I wanted for it to blend nicely. 

For this, I used the Mask and Warp tool on the imported stock pieces. I played with the tools until the additional hair fitted the model’s head shape perfectly. If you want to see exactly how I made this natural blend, you can sign up for the premium membership to view the full tutorial.

Finding the perfect color for the imported stock hair is key to making the composite look great as a whole. I worked with the lighting and started to play with the highlights/curves tool to make the model’s new hair blend well with her natural hair. By...

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When Words Fade, Music Speaks - A Compositing Tutorial

compositing tutorial Jun 06, 2018

Hey everyone!


This composite was very simple. I just added in and made some hand edits. I wanted to really transform this image. The lighting was not exactly what I wanted it to be and it made the image really dull.

In the tutorial, I focused on evening out the skin tone. When you’re running the blur tool around the skin, you want to try to avoid areas like the eyes, the lips, and the hair. If you would like to see exactly how I made the edits, you can sign up for the premium membership to view the full tutorial.

After making beauty edits, I concentrated on the overall image and edited some of the colors on the image. I added a little bird to the piano. When you’re adding animals to any composite, you want to make sure to make it proportionate to the actual size of the animal to make it look like it belongs. For this tutorial, I guessed the size of the bird until I saw if it was proportioned. To make the bird look realistic, I used the masking tool to blend it...

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Gone Fishing - A Compositing Tutorial

Uncategorized May 30, 2018

Hello everyone,

I recently started recreating a couple of tutorials that I had previously done. It’s always great to see the progress of your work and compare the original to the more updated one. There were a lot of requests to recreate these tutorials from almost three years ago. I’m working with what I have now but, since I now know a little bit more about stock, I added higher quality stock than the one previously used.

Before starting any tutorials, I always show where I got the stock I used in the tutorials to make it easier for anyone to follow along. It’s important, when you download stock, to read about the licensing for the stock. For this tutorial, I didn’t have the original image of the model but I had the cut out which worked just fine.

If you would like to see the full tutorial, you can sign up for the premium membership to get instant access to this tutorial and dozens more.

When you’re adding all the stock images together, not...

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An Airy and Pastel Hand Edit

hand edit May 16, 2018

Hey everyone!


For this image, I wanted to give the image a light, airy, and pastel look.

If you’re a premium member, I did something a little different. I am including a PSD file with all of the layers. You’ll be able to go in and tweak them or play around with them however you want. It’s up to you if you want to just follow along with the tutorial or delete all the layers and do it for yourself! Are you interested in becoming a premium member? Sign up for the premium membership to get instant access to this tutorial.

For this tutorial, I went over all the layers in the file. If you’re an actions user, a lot of time you’ll see layers in the actions. It’s a great idea to double click on all of them and see how the artist made the actions. You’ll be able to learn a little more with it. You should also look at the layer styles as well.


This image is great to experiment. You can play around with all the layers that are already...

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