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Sweet Soul Hand Edit

hand edit Feb 28, 2018

Hey guys!

I edited this traditional image with a little bit of compositing. It did end up being a little dramatic but I intended it to. It was mostly a hand edit and if you sign up for my premium membership you can watch the full tutorial.

I shot the image with a Nikon D750 and an 85 mm lens. This was shot in studio and there was a little bit of natural light coming in from the top and I used a monolight on the side.

I started off by bringing up the shadows because, as you may already know, I don’t like to have true blacks in the image and lose any details. I brought up the oranges in the image to brighten it up a little bit. I did do some cropping to the image but if you’re doing this for a client keep in mind the size you’re printing at before you start cropping in an image.

I used one of my frequency separation actions to soften the skin. If you’re not familiar with frequency separation you can download The Ultimate Photoshop Workflow or watch my free...

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Compositing Tutorial

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2018

Hey friends,

I really love how this composite came out!

This is an example of one of those composites that I kind of created from what I already had. I didn’t have this planned when I shot this image. I figured the hot air balloon image would be perfect because it would look a lot better if the subject looks a lot smaller in the frame. The hand gesture she made completely herself and even looks as if there should be a butterfly sitting on her hand. Become a premium member today to watch the full tutorial.

For the stock images, the labyrinth came from Adobe Stock, the butterfly hot air balloon came from Depositphotos and the extra butterflies came from PixelSquid.

Cutting out the butterfly hot air balloon did take some time and was probably the most tedious part of the tutorial. When you have a lot of busy patterns you really have to pay attention to all the little details, you don’t want to end up with chunks missing from your image. If you would like to see the full...

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If You Enjoy Simple Edits, You'll Love This Bright and Airy Edit!

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2018

Hey everyone!

This edit was very quick and simple to make. I was going for a bright and airy look.

Before I made the edits to get the desired image I wanted, I made some minor changes with frequency separation and some liquify to the subject’s hair.

If you want to see the process from start to finish, sign up for a premium membership to view the full tutorial.

To begin the bright and airy look on the image, I brightened the whole image with a curves adjustment and played around with the saturation.

Since the image already has a lot of blur going on, I made small adjustments to the blur to give a soft and dreamy feel.

With some adjustments to the color range and using the Gaussian blur, it gave a really pretty haze and glow around the subject that added to the end look I was going for.

Some final adjustments I made to the edit were to the skin to brighten it up and adjust some of the tones.

I always like to group my layers to see the difference between the original layer and...

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Creating a Real Life Belle Beauty

Hey everyone!

For this shoot, I used several different cameras since I had the subject doing several twirls and running around.

Since my original image was asymmetrical, I used the crop tool to straighten the image. I have such a bad habit of shooting a bit crooked. Usually, I have to straighten my images a little more often than I would like to!

There is a workflow action that I have created that will help you with this edit and make things much easier, you can find it here.

It was a very cold day out and you could tell on the girl's skin there was some blotchiness and goosebumps. I used my saved actions along with some further edits to focus on perfecting the skin and making it even.

You can watch the full tutorial on this Belle Beauty by becoming a premium member.

This edit was all about adjustments. With my workflow actions, I saved a lot of time making the essential edits.

I used dodge and burn to add contrast and go over the shadow areas. I especially focused it on the eyes of...

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Make a "Sweet Dream" Composite Come True

Hey guys!

This composite is more abstract which is a little different than what I usually do.

I gathered some stock images to create the background and to add other graphics to the composite. All stock images and the subject were already cut out which makes it much easier to place the images in the composite and saves time.

If you want to learn how to cut your images, you can sign up for the premium membership. There are dozens of tutorials where I show how to cut out stock images and subjects.

When placing images that are smaller, I made sure I zoomed into the graphics because I had a little bit more control over them. I noticed that many of the stock images came with shadows, but in the tutorial, you’ll see that I removed them to make the composite look put together.

The most challenging part of the composite was putting the subject's reflection in the mirror. Having her arm come out of the mirror and her reflection required a lot of masking. This was the part that made me...

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From Tennis Court to Moors: Creating a Maleficent Composite

What I love about being able to create composite portraits is that I don’t have to be at a specific location create the background I want for my photograph.

For this tutorial, I shot my model at a tennis court! To create the background and atmosphere I used stock images and manipulated them to my liking.

In the tutorial, I’ll show you how to extract your subject from the original photograph, masking and refining the subject so they fit right into the composite. To view the tutorial, sign up for my premium membership here.

I began by placing the stock images together and creating the background. There was some refining on the stock graphics to make sure everything looked put together. Using the liquify tool, I was able to manipulate the stock graphics to look like they were all part of one image.

Once all of the stock was placed, I focused on making individual adjustments. As you can see the images were not blurred at the beginning. When blurring images you want...

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Combining Reality and Fiction: Creating a Sea Monster Composite

Hey everyone!

Bringing the real and the fictional together was not as challenging as expected!

I created this sea monster composite to show how easy it was to edit this with the techniques applied. This is one of the easiest composites available in the membership because the stock graphics already have such an illustrative feel, eliminating much of the work like editing lighting, shadows, color tones or things like that. The final image looked much more like an illustration or a painting.
In the video tutorial, I include exactly where I was able to get the stock images and filters used. Sign up for the premium membership to find out where.

Different techniques like adjusting shadows and tones, adding warmth, warping some images and using contrast and exposure were applied. Using the soft brush tool, I was able to take out any harshness in the composite. In most of my tutorials, you’ll see that the subject is the center of attention but for this one, since the boy is so tiny,...

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Prime Time: When is the Best Time for Photographers to Post to Social Media?

photography social media Dec 30, 2017
When is the best time for Photographers to post to social media?

Using social media is crucial for the budding photographer to get their work noticed and recognized. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat offer great ways for photographers to share their work with the rest of the world, but they can be tricky to leverage when they aren't used correctly. In fact, there are times that it is better (and worse) to post your photography to achieve the most interaction and engagement. Here's a look at the best times for photographers to post to social media:


With over one billion users, Facebook dominates the social media market. More people are on Facebook than any other social media platform, and it allows photographers to connect with people in their local markets, as well as around the globe. Even though there are thousands of people using Facebook at any given moment, however, there are some "prime times" that photographers should post their work to...

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How to Do In-Person Sales (Even When You Don't Like Sales)

photography sales Dec 12, 2017

As a photographer, one of the most difficult parts of conducting business is the need to do sales. You like taking pictures. Sales, on the other hand, isn't your strong suit.

You're not alone!

There are many photographers who struggle with in-person sales (IPS). Those sales efforts, however, are the key to connecting with your customers and ensuring that you're generating the business you need.

Why Choose In-Person Sales?

In-person sales are the first step in running a profitable business--and it's a step you can't afford to skip. Typically, clients make purchase decisions out of emotion.

Ideally, you want them to see their images for the first time in person, with you.

In-person sales have a variety of benefits that will allow you to increase your overall income as you appeal to customers' senses and emotions to encourage them to make purchase decisions. photography to profits blog ips in-person sales making decisions

Build a Connection

When clients view their images for the first time, they'll have an emotional reaction to those images.


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Printing and Pricing Holiday Cards

holidays Dec 06, 2017

The most wonderful time of the year is here again, and with the holiday season comes the time to prepare your annual holiday card. Finding the right present for everyone on your list can be stressful, but printing your holiday card doesn’t have to be. There are several resources you can use to help you achieve the perfect holiday card that your friends and family will want to save and cherish.

Some of the most beautiful holiday card designs can be found at Founded by a wife and mother of five, Heather Hasse, Simply to Impress prides itself on providing customers with unique card designs at an affordable price. Using the site, you can customize your card according to greeting, shape, theme, color, style, and more. The result will be a stunning holiday card that is personalized to your liking.

Their style is unique and one-of-a-kind. Simply to Impress compliments your photographs and transforms them into treasured keepsakes. They're affordable,...

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