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My Happy Place, take your editing to new heights🕴

Hello Fellow Creators!

This week's live streaming tutorial in the Premium Membership is also September's Sneak Peek  beginner-intermediate level tutorial offered to the public titled "My Happy Place."

In this fun fantasy levitation tutorial, we focused on learning how to place a subject into a completed background while adjusting lighting and tones to fit any mood.

Included this month are 2 Free high-quality jpg. Download yours to keep forever! Tara also shows us where to gain additional png's found on her favorite stock websites, such as the book and glasses from Pixelsquid and a model from Deposit Photos.

You will start by making your additional digital selections, then download the image or add them to the lightbox. 

Use select subjects to grab your model quickly. Next, go to Select>Select and Mask and use the refined edge brush to work your way around the edges of your subject, especially around the hair. 

Use a...

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Image editing in motion🤸‍♀️

Hello Creators!

First, open the photo that you want to use. Go to File > Open, choose your photo, and click Open. Then control or command J to copy a background layer.

Next, Choose Filter > Blur > Motion Blur and adjust the angle to match the direction of your image, creating a sense of movement by adding a blur that flows in one direction. In this case, vertically with the tree line.

Use the distance setting to control the amount of blur that is applied.

Isolate the blur effect by applying a mask layer to keep the detail and using the soft black brush tool to brush over areas that should not be blurred, like in this example, where we want the subject in...

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