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June Sneak Peek, "Little Squishy" Composite

Hi Everyone!

This mermaid composite image showcases a gorgeous fanned mermaid tail, perfectly tailored to our tiny subject, highlighted in her aquatic paradise using the LightBox plug-In.

One of the first steps is to subject capture with the Quick Selection Tool. Selecting the subject with this tool allows us to embed her directly into her new pedestal within her tank. Tara explains Resizing and cropping options to simplify her image use in the full tutorial.

 Trading Legs for Fins, PixelSquid Mermaid TailLearn to warp the tail and use multiple tail images to create a flawless transition that looks completely natural.  Liquify portions of her tail to blend her body and stock images with the background and then change the perspective and scale of the tail to display the beauty of her fantail flip.

Mermaid hair, don’t care! This is the creative portion where we can really play with our editing style and viewpoint. Deviant Art supplies multiple...

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