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Fly to Neverland with this Peter Pan Composite

composite tutorial May 27, 2020

Hey everyone!

This Peter Pan Tutorial was so fun to do, even though it was very meticulous but it’s definitely worth it!


When creating composites, it’s always best to start off with the work that will take the longest and is most detailed so the rest comes easier. I started off with stock placement. What took me the most time in creating this composite was to cut out the background of the room that you could see through the windows. I wanted to make it a nighttime scene and the other provided with the stock was clearly daytime and had a tree covering most of it.

In the tutorial, I show exactly what technique I used to edit out the background. Sign up for the premium membership to access the full tutorial!


Once the windows were edited, I started doing some stock placement in the image before adding my model. The little details in the composite are what make the image stand out. Just by placing a teddy bear and candle into the composite, it looked like a...

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A Simple Easter Composite: Bunny Kiss

composite tutorial Apr 15, 2020

Hey everyone,

Easter is almost here!

I created this very simple composite for Easter. I used the existing background and added a little bit of stock on to it rather than cutting the subject out and adding him to a whole different background.

For some of the stock, I used PixelSquid. What I love about PixelSquid is that you can download the different file types that make it easier to edit in Photoshop. I usually always add it to the lightbox, this is basically a plug-in in Photoshop.

To speed things along a little, before the tutorial, I did some cloning to the background and blurred it out a little bit. I do this in many of my hand-edits and composites to make the subject the main focus. If you’re interested in watching this tutorial or dozens more, sign up for the premium membership.

When editing, I focused mainly on the rabbit. I did do some puppet warp because I wanted the rabbit to appear like he was giving the little boy a kiss. I added some shadow to the bunny to make it...

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The Headless Doll Tutorial

composite tutorial Oct 23, 2019

Headless doll tutorial 


Hey guys,


Today we’ll be going through a pretty creepy tutorial in the honor of Halloween being right around the corner. In this tutorial, we’ll be creating our very own headless doll! Since this tutorial is more advanced, I will be moving a bit faster. If you’re a beginner, you might want to warm up with some of our easier tutorials before diving into this one.

We’re going to be using stock images for the neckpiece and wig. Next, we use the quick selection tool to select the head and hands for a new layer. Then we blend the head and hair from the image to make it disappear before we repeat with the upper body and hands of our subject.


Now things are really starting to become spooky, we can bring out our upper mannequin half and blend it up, it should look nice and smooth. Our doll is dead, so we need to color her skin grayish and pale. I go into more detail about how to give our mannequin a more lifeless in...

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