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Fantasy Photoshoot for Two Young Sisters


I always like to speak with my clients before each photo session to get an idea of what they are looking for and how we can work together to create amazing memories for their family.

For this session, the parents let me know that they wanted a shoot of their 2 young daughters with a combination of traditional images (both together and individual) as well as a composite for each child.

We spoke first about the traditional images. I always like to ask parents questions such as what color palate they have in their home (which helps with outfit suggestions) as well as where they would like to hang the images, so that we can discuss size as well as groupings. This way, I can keep it in mind while shooting, what types of posing/scenery etc I will be doing. For example some parents may want to fill their space with one large canvas of all of the children, or prefer smaller images grouped together. If they prefer the grouping, then I will be sure to shoot each child in a similar pose with...

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