A simple summer edit that makes a big splash!💦

Hello, fellow creators!

I had a Whale of a good time with this edit...( see what I did there?)

In this week's live streaming tutorial, "Roadblock Whale" found in the Compositing Hand edits category. Tara shows us a fun, surreal-vibe edit using only two stock images from Deposit Photos.

Deposit Photos is a premium site Tara personally uses. It is required to pay for each image or packages. But don't worry. There is a TON of free stock sites available.

Pixabay and Freeimages.com are just a few from the list.

Setting the scene

You can choose any scene or other aquatic creature you wish. Maybe a field of flowers, emerging from the surface of the moon or even a backcountry road verses payment?  The techniques learned in this tutorial have a wide range of uses.

Make a Big Splash! 

Here you will select around the whale to pick up the splash and background water around the whale. Copy (command C) and Paste (command V) the...

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In Hot Water - Composting and Final Detailing

compositing tutorial Feb 05, 2020

Hello guys!

Today we’re going to be editing this image from my idiom series! This is a simple composite, so if you’re a beginner, this is a great one to start with!

We’re grabbing some stock images from deviantart.com, depositphotos.com, and raw.exchange.com. This is where we get out our smoke and fire from, in the video tutorial I’ll walk you through what kind to look for and grab.

I go through my standard routine as far as cutting out our subject and placing him on our background. I flipped him over and resized him before making some adjustments to the image size. You can see exactly how I do it in my full tutorial available through my premium membership.

Now it’s time to get things cooking! We grab our fire stock and adjust it on our background, blending, warping, and masking before finishing off with a little more contrast. When we add in our contrast, it brings a little bit more of our black background that came with our stock, so we’ll go...

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The Mermaid Look - Adding Hair Tutorial

compositing tutorial Jan 08, 2020

Hey Everyone!

For this image, I really wanted to highlight the mermaid look of the model by giving her thicker and more voluminous hair.

Whenever modifying model features, like hair, it is very important to make sure that the editing looks natural and realistic. In this tutorial, I didn’t want the additional hair to look like an unfitting block pasted on top of the model’s natural hair, I wanted for it to blend nicely. 

For this, I used the Mask and Warp tool on the imported stock pieces. I played with the tools until the additional hair fitted the model’s head shape perfectly. If you want to see exactly how I made this natural blend, you can sign up for the premium membership to view the full tutorial.

Finding the perfect color for the imported stock hair is key to making the composite look great as a whole. I worked with the lighting and started to play with the highlights/curves tool to make the model’s new hair blend well with her natural hair....

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Dreamy Book - Gradients, Solid Color Layers, and Brushes

compositing tutorial Dec 23, 2019

Hello everyone, today’s tutorial will be a bit of a throwback! I dug through my hard-drives and pulled up this fun RAW for us to work with today! This original image was shot in a completely dark room with just a flashlight and her book.

We’re going to be giving this image a bit of a fantasy look with plenty of gradients, solid-color layers, and brushes.

 The first thing we’re going to do is work with our camera RAW, tweaking our exposure and shadows just a bit. We’re going to mess around with the details menu and make a few more adjustments before opening up our image in Photoshop. It can get a bit confusing, but following along with my full video tutorial (available through my (premium membership) definitely helps!

We’re going to straighten and crop our image before we go in and clean up some of the bruises on her legs. From there, we’re going to flatten our image and run our frequency separation! You can use this feature in...

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The Forgotten Puppet Tutorial

Hey guys, today we’re going to make a bit of a creepy puppet composite image! We’re going to develop our puppet composite with both pictures I took myself, and some downloaded stock images. I’ll show you where I grab all my stock in my full tutorial offered through my premium membership.

We’re going to cut out our subject and place her onto our background before we resize her. Then we’re going to place our chains and play around with them to make them look as realistic as possible. When we're done doing that, we're going to group them into their own layer.


Then we’re going to bring in the bottom of her bottom skirt and resize/ distort it to match our body. We’re going to tweak it a tad bit in RAW, bringing up our shadows and warming up the image slightly. To make the top of our subject match the bottom just a little more, we’re going to make a copy of it, adjust it in Camera RAW, mask it, and brush it where needed (we want it...

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Sally Composite Tutorial

compositing tutorial Oct 04, 2019

Hey Guys! For this spooky tutorial we will be making a fun Nightmare Before Christmas themed composite. I will provide you with the background, and we can build from there.

The image we’re going to use for our subject was already edited. Most times I use a RAW image, but in this situation I wanted to show you how we can still use an already edited image in a composite piece.

We’re going to cut out our subject and paste her onto our background and resize her. You’ll notice just how out of place she looks right away! Not to worry, we’ll blend her in by using several background layers and filters! To see exactly how I do it, you can check out my full tutorial, available through my premium membership.


After we finish blending her, we’re going to use “Match Color” on our subject using our background as the source to make her luminosity a little more like our background.

Since we want her to look like she’s sitting in the grass,...

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Hello Dracula

compositing tutorial Oct 22, 2018

Hello everyone,

Today, I’m going to be walking you through the creation of this spooky Dracula composite. We’re going to be starting with our stock, and for this tutorial, we are going to be using a ton of it! In my full video tutorial, available through my premium membership, I’ll walk you through where I get all my stock and the pros and cons of each site.

Using curves layers, I’m going to brush in some catchlights and contrast onto our subject. We’re going to grab a curves layer with some red, brushing it onto our eyes to give him a pair of red eyes. We’re going to add in some detail with a darker curves layer, finishing it off with a grouping with our other eyes layers.

We’re then going to use a masked color fill layer to make our vampire paler! Doing the same thing with a greyish-blue tone, we’re going to brush under his eyes, then we’ll do the same with a red color fill layer for his lips. You can follow along in my...

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The Howling Hour Tutorial

compositing tutorial Oct 19, 2018

Hello guys, today we’re going to be making something quite spooking, our very own werewolf! This is the image we’re going to be working with today. 

So like most of our tutorials, we’re going to start with  our stock and setting it up on our canvas. Playing around with our moon’s curves means that we get some of our detail back in there. We’re going to use filters to adjust them and have them looking like the perfect cloudy night for our werewolf! You can see exactly how I do this through my full tutorial, available through my premium membership. 

 Normally we would cut out our subject before editing, but in this case, I decided to fix him up in the original image before taking him into our backdrop. We’re going to blur our skin here and there to give him a little more of an airbrushed look before we go in and add in our catchlights.


We’re going to play with our distort and liquify tool to make our werewolf some...

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The Puppet Master - Composting and Adjusting

compositing tutorial Sep 10, 2018

Hello guys, today’s tutorial is a super fun throwback to one of my older images. We’re going to going to make it look like our little boy is controlling his own marionette.

So the first thing I do is go in and get rid of the stick he’s holding using the spot healing brush tool. We’re going to be bringing in our own rod, or “controller”, for our little marionette insert, so we won’t need the original stick. The next thing I do is go in and remove that pesky vine that is poking out toward our subject.   

After we have our image all cleaned up, we’re going to go into our camera RAW filter and sharpen our image. After that, we’re going to play around with our color tones and luminance, finishing off with our vignetting. To see exactly how I edited this image, you can access the full tutorial, and many more like it, through my premium membership.

From there, I went in and cut out our little “puppet” from...

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Sweet Rapunzel: Complete Compositing Tutorial

compositing tutorial Jun 28, 2018

Hey Everyone!


For this tutorial, I wanted to take this gloomy, low light image and turn it into one of my mystical composites.

This transformation will require many stock images and in-depth editing as I really want the model to look like a princess in a magical setting.

I always want the model to be the center of attention, that means we may have to alter all the stock images imported to make the model appear bigger. By making these alterations, some stock pieces might look a little off. But, you can use the masking tool to hide all of these pieces, resulting in a nice blend.

Giving a composite depth is what will make your composite stand out. If you just import stock images and paste them, there will be little to no perspective and depth of field. Lucky for us, Photoshop offers various tools to give make the composite look realistic, as if you are actually there! Find out how to use these tools by signing up to my premium membership to view the full video.

I really wanted...

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