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When Words Fade, Music Speaks - A Compositing Tutorial

compositing tutorial Jun 06, 2018

Hey everyone!


This composite was very simple. I just added in and made some hand edits. I wanted to really transform this image. The lighting was not exactly what I wanted it to be and it made the image really dull.

In the tutorial, I focused on evening out the skin tone. When you’re running the blur tool around the skin, you want to try to avoid areas like the eyes, the lips, and the hair. If you would like to see exactly how I made the edits, you can sign up for the premium membership to view the full tutorial.

After making beauty edits, I concentrated on the overall image and edited some of the colors on the image. I added a little bird to the piano. When you’re adding animals to any composite, you want to make sure to make it proportionate to the actual size of the animal to make it look like it belongs. For this tutorial, I guessed the size of the bird until I saw if it was proportioned. To make the bird look realistic, I used the masking tool to blend it...

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