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Polar Coordinates Filter, a whole new way to see your images!💫

Hello, fellow creators!

This week's live streaming tutorial, "polar coordinates filter," is found in the Photoshop 101 category inside the premium membership. Tara demonstrates how to utilize any landscape, location shoots, or textures to custom design a unique warped cylinder effect by using the polar coordinates filter.

Up in the Clouds

First, we choose a fluffy cloud shot and click Command or Control J to make a copy of the background layer. Then click >Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates, making sure you choose >Rectangular to Polar option.

This simple step swirls a standard cloud into a swirling vortex!

Use the spot healing tool or the clone pattern stamp tool to eliminate the line that this filter effect creates.

Building composites with your landscape and nature shots is a truly personalized touch to add to your photography edits.


City Twilight

In the second example, we learn multiple techniques with one image. By flipping the image...

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