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Birds And Brushes: What Do They Have In Common?

hand edit Feb 26, 2020

Hey guys!


I’ve been seeing images similar to this several times before in different types of setups. I always wanted to do one myself. In the full tutorial, I created my own custom brushes to make this a really cool, whimsical image.

Some of the textures and overlays I used are from Florabella. They have really cool textures and overlays you can use that I really love. Before I started creating the brushes, I made sure to have the base of the hand edit done. If you haven’t seen any of the previous tutorials where I demonstrate how to make brushes, I do a quick overview on this one. Are you interested in watching the full tutorial? You can access this one and dozens more by signing up for the premium membership!

You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to do the custom brushes of the birds. The only challenging part was selecting and defining the birds with more details. When you watch the full tutorial, you’ll see how I overcame this little obstacle....

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An Airy and Pastel Hand Edit

hand edit Jan 15, 2020

Hey everyone!


For this image, I wanted to give the image a light, airy, and pastel look.

If you’re a premium member, I did something a little different. I am including a PSD file with all of the layers. You’ll be able to go in and tweak them or play around with them however you want. It’s up to you if you want to just follow along with the tutorial or delete all the layers and do it for yourself! Are you interested in becoming a premium member? Sign up for the premium membership to get instant access to this tutorial.

For this tutorial, I went over all the layers in the file. If you’re the user of an action, a lot of time you’ll see layers in the actions. It’s a great idea to double click on all of them and see how the artist made the actions. You’ll be able to learn a little more with it. You should also look at the layer styles as well.


This image is great to experiment. You can play around with all the layers that are...

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