Dreamy Effect an Artistic Moody Hand Edit

Hello Fellow creators!

In this week's tutorial, Tara uses 3 edits to show us how to quickly master the dream-like photography style otherwise known as the Orton Effect Photoshop technique easily, even if you're a beginner!

This powerful editing tool will lend a dreamy glow to your portraits that can be the difference between a good photograph and an unforgettable one. 

Butterfly GardenFirst, copy your background layer with control or command J on your PC or Mac.

By clicking filter, blur, then Gaussian blur, we can achieve a stunning blur effect that doesn’t make the subject blurry.  Switching the blend mode to screen, allows just the soft background blur around your subject to have the heavenly glow.

The amount you are going to blur will depend on your image and your taste. Play with your radius to see the effect in your own edits!

Head in the bubble clouds

Sometimes soft light looks good as well, so...

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