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The Forgotten Puppet Tutorial

Hey guys, today we’re going to make a bit of a creepy puppet composite image! We’re going to develop our puppet composite with both pictures I took myself, and some downloaded stock images. I’ll show you where I grab all my stock in my full tutorial offered through my premium membership.

We’re going to cut out our subject and place her onto our background before we resize her. Then we’re going to place our chains and play around with them to make them look as realistic as possible. When we're done doing that, we're going to group them into their own layer.


Then we’re going to bring in the bottom of her bottom skirt and resize/ distort it to match our body. We’re going to tweak it a tad bit in RAW, bringing up our shadows and warming up the image slightly. To make the top of our subject match the bottom just a little more, we’re going to make a copy of it, adjust it in Camera RAW, mask it, and brush it where needed (we want it...

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