Protecting Your Photography Business, Simplified:

MINI CLASS with Sean S. Tshikororo

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The Portrait Contract Collection, designed simple, extremely effective.

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Let me ask you some questions...

Are you trying to figure out what to do to get your photography business started legally?

Have you started to use Photoshop to make composite images and you're wondering what stock images you are allowed to use in your work?

Are you wondering whether a watermark is enough when it comes to protecting your awesome composite images?

Have you been deliberating whether you need a model release or client contracts to run your photography business?


If your answer is "YES" to any of these questions, then you need to watch this masterclass!

I want The Portrait Contract Collection!


In this masterclass, Tara talks with Sean Tshikororo of DIYtheLAW about everything you need to know to get your photography business off the ground legally and make sure your precious content stays protected, including:

-Things you should be thinking about as you first launch your photography business.

-How to know whether you can use images you find on the web and how to protect your own images.

-When you should start thinking about registering your business and why.

-Which legal documents are essential for the smooth operation of any successful photography business.


You can start growing your business fast and effienctly with The Portrait Contract Collection drafted by Sean Tshikororo.
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