TLE Photoshop Tutorial Project: August 2022

Land Before Time

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Many of my members have invested as little as 30 min and have seen incredible changes in their work after one tutorial, and I want you to do the same! 📸

[LEVEL] Beginner to intermediate

Everything you need to create this image, including the subject!

[Some of the skills you will learn] 

  • You'll learn my techniques in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop
  • You'll learn to master compositing techniques to place your clients into any scene, regardless of your location.
  • Create a fantasy composite image from start to finish.
  • Customize your own background.
  • Extract stock using several different tools and methods.
  • Add shadows and highlights to your stock pieces.
  • Use Fog Overlay.
  • Create Depth in a composite.
  • Mask and scale stock images using smart filters.
  • Use ACR and color balance to match stock images.
  • Group land merges layers and objects.
  • Dodge highlights using the colors in your existing image.
  • Artistically blend lighting, shadows, and color tones for a cohesive final image.
  • and much more!

As in all of my tutorials, not only do I walk you through step by step visually as well as verbally, but I also vocalize each Photoshop keyboard shortcut that I use so that the repetition of hearing them helps you to retain those steps.

This makes the editing process much less frustrating and helps to speed up your overall workflow.🙌🏻


 © 2022 TARA LESHER 

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