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Sneak Peek: July 2020

Fire Goddess

Exclusive Tutorial Release

Create a compositing image from start to finish.

In this approx. 1 hour and 30 minute tutorial, you will learn how to:

*Customize and blend portions for your own full depth backgrounds
*Use the pattern stamp tool to embellish your subject
*Extract, mask and scale stock images
*Use fire & smoke overlays w/ several blend modes and layer styles
*Create smoke using PS brushes
*Use ACR and existing stock to global color match
*Use the Puppet Warp Tool
*Add a jpeg hair extension
* Alter hair color to match your model's hair color
*Create hair and face jewels with no stock
*Use brushes and masking for a burnt effect
*Create your own lava using select color 

*Artisitcally blend lighting, shadows and color tones for a final cohesive image

As in all of my tutorials, not only do I walk you through step by step visually as well as verbally, I also vocalize each Photoshop keyboard shortcut that I use so that the repetition of hearing them helps you to retain those steps.

This makes the editing process much less frustrating and helps to speed up your overall workflow.🙌🏻

Please note that stock images are not included in this tutorial, though I do show you where to download my stock from. While I do take you to the website in the tutorial, I highly encourage you to use your imagination and find your own stock (which can include free stock websites) for your own creations! 

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