Winter Workflow Action Collection

What's Included:

Snow/frost brush

  • Turn those dull greens into frosty snow with the snow/frost brush layer.

Winter Tones I & II

  • Build up the cool/desaturated look that we are seeking for an excellent, crisp winter image.

Winter Haze

  • Add a soft foggy look for a dreamy wonderland effect.

Winter Gradient

  • Add emphasis to your subject and tone the outer portions of your image or composite.

Frost Gradient

  • Mattify the image, giving a softer feel; especially great for pictures with harsh black areas.

Snow Gradient

  • Dramatic Icy effect.

Cool Mist Light

  • Use it for global light or placed within objects such as lanterns etc., in composites.

Pastel Winter Toning I & II 

  • Perfect pastel layers to tone and soften your image. 

BONUS: 5 Floating Snow Overlays

💻 Instructional and Install Tutorials.


 Photoshop CC – 2022

 Photoshop CS6+

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