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Hi! I'm Tara Lesher, a Photographer and Photoshop Educator. I also create high-quality editing tools for digital creators. My images have been featured in publications across the globe! Also, my compositing art skills are commissioned by TOYNK toy company for a series of puzzles for worldwide distribution! They can be found at Amazon.com, Target.com, Walmart.com, and Toynk.com.

20 years ago, I was a complete newbie, about to start a family. I wanted to learn more and get better.

I spent hours watching ridiculously long tutorials, but they were all missing pieces. I found that no one REALLY revealed all their secrets. So you know what? I went ahead and did it!

Since 2016, I’ve assembled an HD streaming educational library that includes high-quality editing downloads.

I do not want any image creator to ever feel as overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused as I did. So, I made this to be the resource I wish I had when I started. 

Catering to every level of experience. From photography basics to large-scale image composites. There’s plenty to learn!


I'm excited to share the power and endless possibilities you can create through Photoshop and hand editing.

We have members who never opened PS before becoming amazing artists and business owners!



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