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General Overview

  • Hundreds of hours of Video Tutorials that are broken down into easy-to-use sections.
  • Cover every step from Camera Raw to installing stock images, and matching colors to make your composites look real.
  • Learn the essentials and step-by-steps of Photoshop and Compositing.
  • See how I use simple camera gear to achieve these images and minimal props.
  • Discover the secrets of amazing lighting.
  • Perquisites include Photography and Photoshop Basics.
  • Explore how and why I come up with different concept ideas.
  • You'll learn how to build composites on your own.
  • Learn how to replace backgrounds or add elements to your images.
  • Includes interviews and discussions on Photography topics.
  • Learn how to flawlessly retouch skin.
  • Follow along and see how I edit in Black and White.
  • Finally discover how to use curves adjustment.
  • You'll never see photography the same after these courses!

 Premium Membership Tutorial Master List


Compositing Tutorials

"Adventure Awaits"

"A Timeless Tale"

"Baby, It's Cold Outside"

"Bathtime Mermaid"

"Beautiful Silence"


"Bunny Kiss"



"Catch of the Day"


"Cracked Doll"

"Dispersion Effect"

"Dream Big"

"Don't Quit Your Daydreams"

"Double Exposure" 


"Farm Life"

Featured Works - Recreated

"Feeding Time"

"Find Your Own Happy"

"Free Like the Sea"

"Freedom is a State of Mind"


"Gone Fishing"

"Go Say it on the Mountain"

"Hanging Snow"

"Heard it through the grapevine"

"Hello Dracula!"

"Hello Reindeer!"

"Hocus Pocus"

"I Love Me"

"In Hot Water"

"Into the Mystic"

"I Put a Spell on You"

"James and the Giant Peach"


"Little Monsters"

"Make Believe"

"Make Waves"


"Mermaid on the Rocks"


"Moody Vintage"

"Not all who wander are lost"

"North Pole"

"Oh, Christmas Tree!"

"One for You and One for Me!"

"Peter Pan"

"Sally in the Moonlight"

"Sea Monster"


"Spring is Sure to Follow"

"Standing Ovation"

"Sweet Dream"

"Sweet Rapunzel"

"The Headless Doll"

"The Howling Hour"

"The Puppet Master"

"The Puppet Tutorial"

"Under the Northern Lights"


"When Words Fade, Music Speaks"

"Wizard of Oz (Apple)"

"Wizard of Oz (Tin Man)"

"Wizard of Oz (Twister)"

Artistic Hand Edits

Airy Pastel

Ballerina- Painterly

Belle Beauty


Birds and Brushes

Bright and Airy

Close-up Snow Edit

Corel Painterly Demo - Motherly Love

 Corel Painter Intro - Pigtails.

Earth Angel

Fair Fun

Forever Young

Painterly boy

Painterly Studio 

Portrait of a Self Portrait

Queen Anne's Lace

Regal Angel

Reindeer Beauty Edit

Rosie the Riveter

Summertime Lovin'

Snow White

Sunset Beauty

Sweet Soul

Those Peepers

The Outdoors

When Words Fade, Music Speaks

Winter Solstice

Picture Perfect Skin

Healing & Frequency Separation

Skin Tones

Start to Finish


The Power of Curves


 Full Edit and B&A

Start to Finish

Black and White Basics

ACR and Color


Black and White Edits Basics

Conversions and Curves



On Location Shoots

Bluebonnet Background Removal

Cat Girl



Fallen Tree

Families I

Families II

Hill Top

Indoor Studio Compositing and Ring light

Indoor Studio Compositing and Ring light II

Open Shade in the Wood line

Siblings pt 1

Siblings pt 2

Sibling Edits

Small Spaces


Photoshop Basics


Adobe Camera Raw

Basic Tools

Lighting Effects

 Photoshop Workflow


How to-Photoshop Basics

How to - Add in Golden Light, Paint Hair, and Eliminate Fly A ways

How to - Adding Textures

How to- Brushes

How to - CMYK Values for Skin

 How to - Grouping

How to - Liquify

How to - New Documents

How to - Reflections

How to- Replace Color

How to - Saving

How to - Shadows

How to - Sharpening

How to - Smart Objects

How to - Quick Selection Tool

How to - Puppet Warm Tool

How to - Light Rays

 How to - Full Edit with Gradient Only

 How to -  Create your own fur brush

How to - Intro to Gradients

 How to - Bright & Airy Hand Edit

How to - 3 Methods for Dodge and Burn

 How to - Remove Color Casts

 How to - Skin Tones

How to - Replace Color

How to - Sky Overlay

How to - Matte Effect

How to - Color Lookup

How to - Extract Subjects

How to - Extending Backgrounds

How to- Batch Editing

How to - Color Cast

How to - Teeth Whitening

How to - Simple Recover Edit

How to - Simple Clean Film Edit

How to - Quick Selection Cloning

How to - Scale and Depth Part 1

How to - Scale and Depth Part 2

Window Reflection

 Rainy Window

How To - Hair Liquify

How to - Heal Chapped Lips

How to - Submerge a Room in Water

My Favorite Workflow Gradients

How to- Adding More Hair

How to-Blending in Animals

 How to - Dreamy Beach Edit

How to - Create a Soft Fantasy Theme

How to - Clean Beach Edit

How to - Increase Vibrance

How to - Touch Up & Detail

How to Create Your Own Holiday Lights

How to - Implement the Workflow Action

How to - Adjust Light Rays and Add in Dust

How To - Color Fill & Touch Up

How To - Tones, Lighting, and Shadows

How to - Fur Brush Tool

How to - Clone Pattern Tool

How To - Add in From Outside Images

How to- Silhouette Composite

How to- Composition Overload

How to- Skin Color & Background Re-tone

How to- Gradient Color Tone

How to- Recovering from Underexposure

How to- Background Replacement

How to- Creating a Vintage Postcard

How to- Making Adjustments

How to- Subject Touch Up

How to- Flower editing

Photography Basics

Portrait Photography Principals (Audio Only)

Photography 101

Overview- Cameras- Lenses Lighting- Focus on Subject -Storage Solutions -Buying Camera Gear- A video introduction to photo concepts

Pricing, Sales, and Business


Photography Business Contributors

Successful Business Mindset

Profit in Your Business

Intro to Sales

Pricing Template

Plus more & Weekly Tutorials!

Black & White Action Tool

Frequency Separation Action Tool

Sharpening & Resizing Action Tool

Simple Color Brush Tool 


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