The Deluxe Brush Set

Discover how you can use some of my favorite brushes within your own pieces with my new 200  piece brush set and tutorial download! I personally love this brush set because it allows me my creative freedom to create beautiful and unique edits in less time and with much less frustration.

In the tutorials included, I not only show you how to set up your new deluxe brush set, I’ll go through some of my most popular brushes and demonstrate few ways you can implement them into your work.

Photographers always ask me what advice I have for them to either get started with Photoshop or how to become better. I honestly believe it comes down to this:
Just sit down and edit. Practice.
It isn't more complicated or mystical than that. It is an art, but it's a craft that can be practiced by anyone if they're willing to learn.
You may disagree, but this is my experience as a coach and educator. I want to focus on what motivates us to create beautiful pieces of work. It's simply a matter of doing it with the right tools and the right way.
I've put together a collection of brushes that are versatile and add detail and character to your images. This is the collection I've been wanting to find since I started compositing.

Ready to Start Creating?

Stunning Backdrops

Transport your audience to new places, and do it with style! You'll be able to apply the thematic details that will push your work to stunning heights. 

Create Fun and Exciting Textures

The several types of texture brushes available allow you to create a variety of fun unique compositions. 

Smoke and Fire

If you're anything like me, you're going to absolutely love the amazing selection of smoke and fire brushes that comes with this spectacular set. 

Fine Detail Brushes

From fur to cauldron bubbles, those little fine touches can make the difference between a fun picture and a FANTASTIC picture.  

Go grab your set!

Deluxe Brush Set


  • Brush set with 200 amazingly handy brushes
  • Tutorial on brush-set installation 
  • Tutorial showing how to apply smoke and fire brushes, to create lighting alterations through the adjustment of brush opacity, and so much more!

Are you ready to completely change the way you edit?

Program Compatability

Tara's tutorials and digital products can be used with:


Works with CS2 and above.