With over 350+ instructional tutorials are you wondering where to start?

Since the start of Tara Lesher Education in 2016, our mission is to inspire and enable you to learn the (subjects of Photography & Photoshop) skills you want to learn at a time that is flexible to your lifestyle. Now with incentives to set goals and help keep you on track outlined below.

TLE Dean's List

Introducing the TLE Dean's List category to your premium membership!

This is a comprehensive A-Z guide of Photography to Photoshop Basics. These tutorials do exist already in their respective categories. 

Complete the 30 Level I tutorials at 100% completion and receive a E-Learning Certificate from Tara Lesher Education! (approx 10hrs)


TLE Referral Program

As a Tara Lesher Education graduate, you may apply to join your peers in being available for potentially paid photography sessions to editorial work.

When a client contacts us for a reputable, educated artist, Tara will refer to a Dean's List graduate based on their specialty and location. 

*You will need to have a business email and access to your portfolio for client view and communication.


Student Showcase

Let us feature you in the TLE Student Showcase Portfolio!

Everyday we are blown away by the growth we see in our TLE premium members and want the whole world to see how amazing you are.

Designed to display your best quality of work, based on a skill(s) learned from your TLE Library membership.

Submit 1-3 images to [email protected] with the subject line: Student Showcase: let us feature you

Bonus: 50% off coupon code provided on submission!



I'm a Premium Member

Over 12,000 members educated, Be the next to join the TLE family today!

  • Premium Membership includes a specialized library with over 350+ broken down tutorials on every Photography and Photoshop subject.
  •  Weekly new tutorials.
  • School supplies with free actions, overlays, backgrounds, and more.
  • An exclusive members Only Facebook community that can't be beaten!- Daily content, weekly giveaways, exclusive member discounts- tons of freebies, and more.
  • TLE Dean's List E-Learning Certificate and Referral Program.
  • Affiliate ship program to share and earn cashback!