Introducing Tara Lesher's

Creative Compositing Workshop

Disney Themed

September 29th - 30th, 2018


You're new to Photoshop
You've never made a composite 
You're a photography pro, but your editing needs work
You feel lost when it comes to business side of photography
You think you would book more clients if you had a better portfolio
You often guess your way through camera settings and lighting principles

Then THIS is the Workshop for YOU


Are you ready to take your Photography skills to the next level?

With so many people joining the photography profession these days, standing out is getting harder and harder to do.

I started compositing because I got bored shooting the same photo sessions in the same locations over and over. I wanted a challenge and a way to make my images unique, so I turned to compositing. 

Over the next few years I was able to quit my job as a school teacher and do photography full time since my compositing work was getting me a lot of clients.

Eventually, people started begging me for compositing lessons, so I started making tutorials, and the rest is history!

Now I'm here to give you a fast, in-depth course in compositing so you too can reach your own goals for your career and your family. 

After attending this workshop you'll: be able to create a composite from start to finish, complete detailed hand edits as well as properly use a workflow action, master lighting principles and camera settings to get the best images to work with, understand business and marketing concepts that will help you become more profitable, capture stunning photos for your portfolio, and much more! 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you take your photography skills and career to the next level. 


Best wishes,  

Tara Lesher

A Workshop for All Skill Levels

Whether you're a photography beginner, a hobbyist, or a seasoned veteran, you're guaranteed to get tremendous take-home value from of this workshop.

Hands On

Throughout the workshop you'll get a chance to participate in on-location photoshoots and pose models. Afterward, you'll learn how to edit your images in a classroom setting and create your own composite from start to finish. 

Business Development

Get profitable business advice about pricing, marketing, and closing new clients so you can boost your revenue and run a successful photography business. 

Here's what our attendees have to say

Brenda Patten


"I would highly recommend this workshop. It's been wonderful both days. I've made lifelong friends and learned  a mountain of knowledge."


Sherry Rust


"Coming here I was a little worried that I am not a Photoshop expert because I was worried that I would not be able to keep up and feel silly, but that wasn't the case at all. Everyone moves at their own pace and if you have any problems they're more than happy to stop and help you out."

"Thank you, Tara, for your expert guidance and encouragement! I'm addicted to compositing"

~Image by Tara Sutherland Photography

"Thank you Tara Lesher for lending the 70-200 2.8 lens and all those who help me understand the ISO and f-stop. I will always be shooting on 200! LOL My birthday present (the "lens") is being shipped today!"

~Image by Penelope King Photography

What You'll Learn

The creative compositing workshop was crafted as an intensive two-day photographer training session where you'll get hands-on experience and in-person coaching from Tara Lesher.

At 20 students max, you'll have the chance to get one-on-one personalized instruction during photo shoots and editing sessions.

Be prepared to challenge yourself and gain experience working with several perfectly styled models and unique settings. You'll also pick up smart business and marketing techniques to help you book more clients and bring in more revenue. 

To help prepare you for the course, workshop attendees will be provided with a premium membership to Tara Lesher's educational library of tutorials. 

By the end of the workshop you'll have an impressive professional portfolio and a whole set of advanced editing and compositing techniques to take home and use in your own photography business.

Welcome Meet & Greet

Join Tara and fellow workshop attendees for a welcome dinner and friendly gathering on Friday, September 28th preparation for the intensive two-day workshop ahead.  

Workshop Day 1

Get ready for an all day photo session complete with multiple models and varying locations to capture gorgeous photos for your portfolio.  

Workshop Day 2

Start the morning off with a photo shoot, then spend the rest of the day editing in a classroom environment and learning advanced compositing techniques. 


Melissa Digue


"I came to Tara's workshop because I really wanted to learn compositing, I've never done that, and I wanted to step my game up in my portrait photography. She is just an amazing person. She has shown us everything from the ins and the outs and when you think you're not that good, you truly can be with her services and her workshop. It's the place to be!"

Leejon Killingsworth


"I signed up for this class because I was interested in learning more of the techniques in compositing even though I've been doing it for 10 years on post production editing. I was a little weaker in the camera but it blew me away how much I learned about not only the camera but also in the graphic design stuff. I highly recommend this!"


Joanne Luciani


"I thought I knew everything about my camera settings but turns out I knew very little. Humberto was a giant help with that and also the compositing is incredible. I would love to get back again just to further the education."

Julie Pereira


"It was so exciting to walk around an observe the lighting and learn right from Tara. I really highly recommend you go if you're really interested in composites. If you are a photographer please come to this workshop, it's so much fun!"


Join Us for the September Workshop and Start Making Your Very Own Professional Composites


What We'll Cover  

  • Selecting winning photos for your clients, portfolio and professional website. 

  • Advanced hand editing and compositing techniques for Photoshop.

  • Capturing strong images using posing, lighting, and composition best practices.

  • Developing unique compositing ideas and telling an emotionally evocative a story with your images. 

  • Engaging children during photo shoots for natural-looking expressions.
  • Camera settings and shooting techniques to facilitate your editing process. 
  • Business, marketing, and pricing strategies to book more clients and make more money.


In addition to developing new skills and capturing professional photos for your portfolio, you'll also have access to a Private Support Group

Having a group of peers and professionals on hand to lend support is a powerful resource when you're practicing a new craft. As an added workshop feature, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with each other in a Private Support Group as a way to foster the valuable skills learned, as well as share networking opportunities. 

Pricing Options

Registration for the Creative Compositing Workshop is $1400. Those who opt for the one-time payment option will save $100 and get the 2-day workshop for only $1300. A 2-month installment plan is also available for $700.

One-Time Payment




2-Part Payment Plan





What You'll Need

  • Laptop with Photoshop 
  • Interchangeable lens camera, either APSC or full frame
  • 70-200 lens preferred but not required   
  • Working knowledge of camera settings and editing in Photoshop* 

*In preparation for the workshop and to maximize your learning potential, you'll be receiving a premium membership to Tara's full library of educational tutorials. 

What You Should Know

Airport: The closest airports are Dulles International and Ronald Regan Washington National. 

Hotel: The workshop will be held in a hotel conference room and guests will have access to a reduced rate booking

Food: Lunch will be provided on workshop days.  

Transportation: You will need to make your own transportation arrangements.

Arrival: Attendees should plan to arrive either the morning or afternoon of Friday, September 28th. An optional meet & greet dinner will be held on Friday evening and we'll be getting an early start on Saturday morning. 

What are you waiting for?

Reserve your seat and start creating your own unique composites