Combining Reality and Fiction: Creating a Sea Monster Composite

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Hey everyone!

Bringing the real and the fictional together was not as challenging as expected!

I created this sea monster composite to show how easy it was to edit this with applied techniques. This is one of the easiest composites available in the membership. The stock graphics already have such an illustrative feel, eliminating much of the work like editing lighting, shadows, color tones, etc. As a result, the final image looked much more like an illustration or a painting.
In the video tutorial, I included precisely where I could get the stock images and filters used. Sign up for the premium membership to find out where.

Different techniques like adjusting shadows and tones, adding warmth, warping some images, and using contrast and exposure were applied. Using the soft brush tool, I was able to take out any harshness in the composite. In most of my tutorials, you’ll see that the subject is the center of attention, but for this one, since the boy is so tiny, it’s a bit different. I was able to use the blur tool to enhance the subjects. I managed to make the boy focus along with the sea monster.

Even though there are several steps to achieving the final image, you can customize your image to your preference. A lot of the steps were simple. For example, most of them consisted of resizing or adjusting color. Thanks to the stock graphics, some of the work were taken care of. 
The best part about editing this specific composite was creating this final image in such a simple way.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll have fun with this one and find it easy to do!

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You’ll learn how to incorporate stock graphics and texture in your composite.  

Don’t be afraid to try out this tutorial with the mystical sea monster!

Start compositing now!

Happy Editing!

Tara Lesher

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